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Flexible gas hose

12 March, 2017

Rubber gas hose from the regulator to the bulkhead connector should be rated for LPG and marked as BS3212:1991 and also have the manufacture’s name and date on it. Many boats I come across have old pipes that are cracked and damaged such as the one in the photograph from a boat surveyed recently.

Remember to;

  • Keep the hose away from bight sunlight to avoid UV damage, damp and mechanical abrasion. They are in a harsh environment and can degrade faster is abused.
  • Check for damage to the hose such as cuts, cracks, swelling or abrasion and replace the hose if damaged.
  • The useful life for regulators and hoses is approximately 5 years and they should be replaced after this time.

Regulators cost around £20 and the hose is around £3/m. We all know gas onboard boats can be dangerous so it is worth checking and replacing these relatively inexpensive items.